Integralix is a company of Integral Management of rent for a limited time to tourists from all over the world.

  • We offer an integral service of management of apartments, houses and tourist chalets.
  • We capture guests interested in this type of accommodation through the various specialized web pages offered by the sector, own contacts and different means of dissemination.


 Some issues

  • Is it more profitable than traditional rent?
    • A holiday home can be up to 2 or 3 times more profitable than the traditional rent and not only that, problems of default of the tenants are avoided since in a tourist rental the tenant pays before entering, spends a short period of time and return to your Country/City after enjoying the holidays in our house. In addition to the benefit of the owner to be able to dispose of the apartment on the dates you want.
  • Can I leave my house for someone to manage?
    • In Integralix we are clear that the goods that each one possesses are important, and there is usually an emotional attachment that should not be underestimated. Integralix is dedication and personal attention.
    • Trust is another important factor in making this decision. See us treat your properties as if they were ours will make you acquire full confidence very soon. If you give us the opportunity. Integralix is responsibility and maturity.
  • Is it easy to manage?
    • Although it is a work that “anyone could do” it is not like this:
    • It requires an important dedication and sacrifice that not everyone is willing to perform
    • And when it is left in the hands of professionals, it is more profitable
    • Likewise, knowledge is another key factor, and this type of management requires a lot of effort during off-hours; Integralix is guaranteed by having cases of success and experience including legal and fiscal aspects.


What we offer?

  • We take care of everything from the beginning to the end so that your property obtains the greatest possible profit, the highest profitability.
  • We take care of managing the reservations, handing over the keys, registering with the police, cleaning the apartment, cleaning sheets and towels and providing the client with a 24-hour telephone number for any problem that may arise during their stay and resolving it as soon as possible. fast possible.
  • We continuously monitor prices and adapt them according to the characteristics of the flat, its location, average occupancy and environmental prices, but also taking into account seasonal events, such as the time of year, fairs, sporting events, …
  • In detail:
    1. You contact us. You can do it by phone, by email or by filling in the form that appears on the page for us to call you.
    2. We make an appointment, we inform you of our conditions and we value the house doing a market study to see the best way to make the house profitable. If necessary, we recommend some aesthetic changes to get the most out of the property.
    3. We advise you to register in the tourist registry of Andalusia and thus be able to acquire the registration code to be able to announce the property.
    4. We make a photographic report totally free.
    5. We put ads on different websites such as Airbnb, Homeaway, Booking and others in the sector, dedicated to the rental of tourist apartments. It depends on what type of housing there are pages that work better on a web than on others.
    6. We manage reservations, update the calendar in the different pages and answer all the questions that are presented to the guests before deciding on which accommodation to rent.
    7. We manage the cleaning of the house including change of bedding and bathroom.
    8. We welcome guests and have staff with languages.
    9. We sign a rental agreement for days with the guest as indicated by the lease law.
    10. We register all the guests in the police as required by law.
    11. The last day we return to visit the guests for the farewell, delivery of keys and check the house so that everything is as we deliver it to the guest.

    Highlighting the personalized treatment of the guests, our tasks of check-in, check-out and cleaning of the apartment, as well as the management of possible incidents.

    The decree itself is the decree 28/2016 of February 2 of tourist housing in Andalusia (click here to see it).

Información of interest

  • Legalize tourist housing
    • The rental of housing in Spain for tourist use is the responsibility of each autonomous community. In Andalusia it is totally legal since May 12, 2016, before it was also legal but it was not regulated as tourist use.
    • It is legal as long as the holiday home is located on residential land and has occupancy or equivalent license.
    • The decree itself is the decree 28/2016 of February 2 of tourist housing in Andalusia (click here to see it).
    • To rent your home for tourist use, it has to meet a series of requirements that we help you and advise completely free if you contract with us as it is mandatory and should be registered in the tourism registry. The process is simple and can be done online but the biggest problem we have found is that many of the houses do not have an occupancy license, which we help you to solve.

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